Try Dutch owner Raquilda Van Zoeren's delicious speciality cheeses. Select from creamy Bries, complicated Blues, distinctive Cheddars and many more. Or, allow Raquilda to select them for you and create a stunning cheese platter as a sophisticated addition to any occasion.

Browse The Village Pantry's wide selection of kitchen tools and gadgets. Raquilda scours the very best of kitchen inventory to bring an eclectic and utilitarian mix to her store. You could spend hours exploring The Pantry's vintage-design appliances, elegant kitchen linens, specialized kitchen implements, and seemingly endless kitchen treasures.

Indulge in the gourmet ingredients available at The Village Pantry. An abundance of textures and flavours await your discovery, from raw ingredients like black Hawaiian sea salt to fine prepared sauces.

New! Treat yourself to a gourmet ice cream as you browse the store.